Requirements Engineering


Having a good requirements specification is a critical prerequisite for any successful software project. This lecture gives an introduction to processes, methods and representation forms for specifying and managing requirements.

The topics include background and general overview, processes and methods for requirements elicitation, specification with natural language, object-oriented specification, use cases, UML, specification of quality requirements and constraints, as well as requirements validation and management.

General remarks: The lecture is held in English and all lecture material is in English. The lecture has been recorded and the recordings will be made available on the Ilias platform.

Language of instructionEnglish

The lecture is based on slides and works by Martin Glinz, which is why there is no book that accompanies the lecture. Students are welcome to discuss differences between the lecture and the content of the course in class.

Main suggestion: Pohl, K. (2010). Requirements Engineering: Fundamentals, Principles, and Techniques. Springer Verlag. (will be available in library)

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