Awards and Recognitions

This page lists the awards and recognitions our group and its members achieved in the recent years.

Best Paper and Most Influential Paper Awards­­

  • The paper "Automatically Improve Software Architecture Models for Performance, Reliability, and Costs Using Evolutionary Algorithms" by Anne Koziolek (Martens), Heiko Koziolek, Steffen Becker and Ralf Reussner has been awarded the ICPE 10-years Most Influential Paper Award. [ICPE 2020] [ DOIhttp | .pdf ]
  • The International Conference on Software Architecture (ICSA'21) awarded the "ICSA'21 10-years Most Influential Paper Award" to the paper "PerOpteryx: automated application of tactics in multi-objective software architecture optimization" by Anne Koziolek, Heiko Koziolek, and Ralf Reussner. [ICSA 2021]
  • ICPE 10-years Most Influential Paper Award presented to Catia Trubiani and Anne Koziolek (Martens) The paper "Detection and solution of software performance antipatterns in Palladio architectural models" by Catia Trubiani and Anne Koziolek has been awarded the ICPE 2021 10-years Most Influential Paper Award. Catia Trubiani gave an invited talk on the paper on Friday April 23 which can be watched here. [ICPE 2021 Homepage]
  • Thijmen de Gooijer, Anton Jansen, Heiko Koziolek, and Anne Koziolek. An industrial case study of performance and cost design space exploration. Best Industry-Related Paper Award at the Third joint WOSP/SIPEW international conference on Performance Engineering (ICPE 2012), 2012. [ bib | http | .pdf ]
  • Catia Trubiani and Anne Koziolek. Best Paper Award at the 2nd joint WOSP/SIPEW International Conference on Performance Engineering, 2011. [ bibDOIhttp ]
  • Klaus Krogmann, Christian M. Schweda, Sabine Buckl, Michael Kuperberg, Anne Martens, and Florian Matthes. Best Paper Award at the Quality of Software Architectures (QoSA), 2009. [ bibDOIhttp ]

Further Awards

  • Christian Stier, Henning Groenda, Ralf Reussner, Anne Koziolek. Best Poster Award, Symposium on Software Performance, 2015. [ bib ]
  • ASE'15 Distinguished Reviewer Award of the 30th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Automated Software Engineering for Anne Koziolek.

Student Awards

  • Dominik Werle. VKSI prize for best student thesis in software engineering, 2017.
  • Anne Koziolek (Martens). Thesis Award of the ObjektForum Karlsruhe.
  • VKSI-Preise für Larissa Schmid und Sebastian Hahner, Anerkennungen für Dominik Fuchß und David Monschein.